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2019 PSU R Bootcamp
CSC faculty affiliate Jennie Noll appointed to Gov. Tom Wolf's Council on Reform
NBC news reports research by Paul Morgan found students of color in the south are less likely to be identified as having learning disabilities when compared to their white peers
CSC welcomes Dr. Rina Das Eiden
Suzy Scherf & Junqiang Dai review the relation between puberty and functional brain development
Jennifer Frank's research demonstrates the positive impact of Communities that Care (CTC) coalitions
CSC faculty affiliates Hannah Schreier, Erika Lunkenheimer, and Jennie Noll join other Penn State researchers to examine the contributing factors to successful post-adoption development
Jennifer Frank part of panel recommending a comprehensive national agenda to improve mental, emotional, and behavioral health in children and youth
Congratulations to Kristin Buss on being named an Association for Psychological Science (APS) Fellow
The CSC is honored to be the recipient of a major endowment from long-time supporters Arnold and Bette Hoffman
Faculty affiliate Dara Babinski's ADHD research featured by Penn State News - The Medical Minute
Pamela Cole presented a teacher informational session to the Susquehanna Township School District, sponsored by PACT
The Pennsylvania Joint State Commission on School Start Times, with CSC faculty affiliate Orfeu Buxton, issues report on how later school start times improve educational and health outcomes for students
Erika Lunkenheimer receives $2.6 million NIH grant to improve the scientific understanding of the role of parental self-regulation in discipline choices
Diana Fishbein co-organizing and moderating congressional briefing to discuss challenges in developing policy responses to the opioid epidemic
Katie Witkiewitz presented for the CSC Speaker Series and the PRC's Bennett Lecture in Prevention Science
Faculty affiliate Christian Connell presented, "Reducing the Risk of Future Child Welfare Systems Involvement for Children and Families" at the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center
Cristin Hall, principal investigator for new $2.65 million project, aims to provide additional support for children of military families
Margaret A. Fields-Olivieri and Pamela M. Cole acknowledge Robert and Ruth Faris Child Psychology Fund in recently published paper
Faculty affiliate Lisa Gatzke-Kopp helps students in financial need celebrate their graduation
The support of alumni and 'friends of Penn State' invaluable to many graduate students, including the CSC's Leigha MacNeill (Ph.D., 2019, Developmental Psychology)
Congratulations to our HHD faculty affiliates who received 2019 Faculty Awards
Congratulations to Richard S. Sokolov on being selected as a Distinguished Alumnus, Penn State's highest honor presented to its alumni
Dawn Witherspoon leads workshop on strategies for engaging diverse communities in research
Congratulations to Pamela Cole on being recognized by Penn State for 25 years of service
Kristin Buss and PACT recognized and awarded by Penn State
New York Times Parenting cites Koraly Pérez-Edgar's research for article on supporting your shy child
Congratulations to Kristin Buss on being selected as head of the Psychology department
Dr. Koraly Pérez-Edgar spotlighted by SRCD Latino Caucus
Mark Feinberg's Family Foundations program helps military families expecting their first child
Meta-analysis by Paul Morgan highlights discrimination toward students with disabilities
Plos One recently published an article on Maggie Benda and Suzy Scherf's Complex Emotion Expression Database
Orfeu Buxton joined the Smart Talk podcast on February 18, 2020, to discuss the science for later school start times
Emotion Expression Database available on Rick Gilmore's Databrary data library
SRCD spotlights developmental graduate student Meghan McDoniel
Paul Morgan and colleagues re-examine the bidirectional relations between reading and mathematics achievement
Congratulations to faculty affiliate Jennie Noll on receiving one of Penn State's 2020 Faculty Scholar Medals for Outstanding Achievement
Paul Morgan and colleagues examine whether U.S. school districts over-identify students of color as having disabilities
Congratulations to Pamela Cole on being awarded the Raymond Lombra Award for Distinction in the Social Sciences
Karen Bierman offers insight into how loneliness from Covid-19 isolation could affect children
Research by Rina Das Eiden and colleagues suggests prenatal substance abuse associated with a higher risk of aggressive behavior in kindergarten children
Research by Susan McHale examining the effect of siblings' gender on development recently featured in a New York Times article
Several CSC faculty affiliates have joined interdisciplinary teams of researchers to address the COVID-19 crisis
Amy Marshall and Jenae Neiderhiser discuss how their research has been affected by COVID-19
Congratulations to Jennifer Frank on receiving the Outstanding Junior Researcher Award from the College of Education
Mark Feinberg and Greg Fosco lead team studying the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing on children and families
Penn State Child Study Center researchers contribute to Child and Family Blog on emotionally supportive parenting
Kathleen Keller offers tips for keeping kids healthy and fed while stuck at home
2020 Irene E. Harms Graduate Scholarship Award Recipient Announced
2020 Strumpf Scholar Award Recipients Announced
The PROSPER Program continues to provide resources to PA families
Recently published research by Jenae Neiderhiser's research team looks at heritable and environmental factors contributing to children's mathematics achievement
Congratulations to our CSC faculty affiliates who received academic promotions in Spring 2020
Christian Connell and Chad Shenk selected for Governor Tom Wolf's Trauma-Informed PA Think Tank
CSC faculty affiliates at the Child Maltreatment Solutions Network receive $3.5 million training grant
Cristin Hall and research team produce publication to help schools evaluate violence-prevention resources
Mark Feinberg discusses harsh parenting, family violence, and what needs to change
Faculty affiliate Rob Turrisi creates video series for parents on how to protect their teens from the dangers of alcohol and other drugs
PACT continues commitment despite global pandemic
Here is the latest information on the gradual increase of on-campus research-related activities at Penn State
Rob Roeser and colleagues adapt general education course to current events during the 2nd Annual Human Flourishing Summer Teaching Institute
Cynthia Stifter's research suggests helping your child develop regulatory skills may help him or her maintain a healthy weight
CSC initiative leader Rick Gilmore and team receive $6.3 million NIH grant to support a collaborative research initiative focusing on infants and mothers in their homes
The Child Maltreatment Solutions Network kicks off the state-wide Safe and Healthy Communities Initiative
Research by Jennie Noll and team find correlation between childhood sexual abuse and teen motherhood
Center for Healthy Children works with researchers across the nation to create evidence-based standards for foster-care placement programs
Penn State's developmental psychology graduate program ranked #5 by U.S. News
Faculty affiliate Robert Roeser and colleague receive $3.3 million federal grant award to study the impact of the MindUp early learning program
Psychology graduate Marissa Reynolds one of several speakers at "Penn State Women: Leaders of Today and Tomorrow" event October 3, 2018
Chad Shenk and colleagues investigate the link between child maltreatment and cognitive aging later in life
Orfeu Buxton's research suggests less workplace flexibility for a parent results in kids getting less sleep
The New York Times highlights Doug Teti's research on infant sleep
Congratulations to Krista Wilkinson on being awarded the 2018 Leadership in Outreach Scholarship Award by the College of Health and Human Development
Recently published research by Paul Morgan emphasizes the important role executive function plays in determining a child's academic success or difficulty
Emily Hohman's nutritional science research demonstrates a need for prevention efforts in childhood and adolescence
Carlomagno Panlilio and Hannah Schreier are part of an interdisciplinary team working to develop a risk assessment evaluation tool for welfare system children
Karen Bierman co-authors brief discussing peer relationships and social-emotional development
Chad Shenk helps develop interdisciplinary minor in Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies
The Pathways to Competence research initiative celebrated another year of success
The G20 Development Working Group, made up of 19 countries and the European Union, released the "G20 Early Childhood Development Initiative" last week in Buenos Aires
Research by Orfeu Buxton indicates the importance of age-appropriate bedtimes and getting the recommended amount of sleep during childhood
Hannah Schreier and research team examine how teens' coping skills impact their health later in life
Co-sleeping with your infant? Professor Doug Teti's research indicates the importance of finding a sleep arrangement that works well for both partners
Paul Morgan's research suggests a bias in how children of color are being suspended at school
Research by Lisa Gatzke-Kopp finds low-income, rural kids at higher risk for second- or third-hand smoke exposure
Successful CSC Symposium on Parenting Engagement in the Early School Years
Professor Doug Teti invited to Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) 2019 Lunch with Leaders event, Saturday, March 23rd
Erika Lunkenheimer's research shows children's task persistence with parents predicts attention problems in kindergarten
Cristin Hall and team work with the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness and the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity to refine policies and procedures regarding student behavioral threats
Dr. Santiago Morales, Alicia Vallorani, and Dr. Koraly Pérez-Edgar publish findings on sensitivity to rejection and attention to threat related to internalizing problems in young children
Meg Small and CSC faculty affiliate Damon Jones will co-direct RWJF project focused on implementing evidence-based social emotional learning programs and practices
Research by Erika Lunkenheimer indicates biological responses to conflict may be altered in both parents and children in families where child maltreatment is present
PACT's Carmen Henry-Harris discusses the importance of diverse populations in research with Jill Horner of Comcast Newsmakers
WPSU talks with Karen Bierman and SCASD superintendent Bob O'Donnell about bullying
Research by Jenae Neiderhiser, Amanda Ramos, and CSC graduate Amanda Griffin suggests genetics may play a part in virtuous character development
Recently published research by Greg Fosco and team examined how a variety of factors affect adolescents' self-efficacy
SRCD Pre-Conference Event Co-Sponsored by CSC
Sheri Berenbaum discusses gender development at State College Area School District parenting series
CSC has a strong turnout at 2019 SRCD
Congratulations to CSC faculty affiliate Krista Wilkinson on receiving the 2019 President's Award for Engagement with Students
Amy Marshall's research suggests a correlation between interparental aggression and spillover aggression towards children
Bo Cleveland co-leads students enrolled in embedded developmental psychology course on trip to Cambodia
Janet Welsh and the PROSPER project work to build substance abuse prevention programs for PA middle schoolers
Yo Jackson testifies at Congressional briefing on strengthening prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect
Janet Welsh discusses the success of the PROSPER program
Congratulations to Mimi Schaub on being awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award by the College of Education
Research by Kathleen Keller and team suggests children's susceptibility to the portion size effect
Congratulations to Dean Susan Welch on receiving the 2019 Lion's Paw Medal
New $1.2 million NSF grant at the CSC will promote STEM and social-emotional learning skills in pre-school children
2019 Strumpf Scholar Award Recipients Announced
Mark Feinberg's research team is among the first to examine stress and resilience factors among new parents on a daily level
Congratulations to our CSC faculty affiliates who received promotions in Spring 2019
Congratulations to Laureen Teti
PROSPER conference shares developments in addressing substance misuse among middle school youth
CSC faculty affiliate Christian Connell joined other Penn State researchers at the Consortium of Social Science Association's 2019 Social Science Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.
Orfeu Buxton discusses research findings on the relationship of exercise and getting a better night of sleep in teenagers
SRCD highlights accomplishments of the Ethnic and Racial Issues Committee during Dawn Witherspoon's tenure as Chair
Karen Bierman named a fellow of the Society for Prevention Research
Congratulations to CSC faculty affiliate Orfeu Buxton on being named the next editor-in-chief for Sleep Health, the journal of the National Sleep Foundation
Faculty affiliate Diana Fishbein's National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives (NPSC) helps bring prevention science to life
Congratulations to Samantha Tornello on being named the Ann Atherton Hertzler Early Career Professor in Health and Human Development
New Director Announced for PACT
2019 Irene E. Harms Graduate Scholarship Award Recipient Announced
Elaine Berrena thanks mentors as she retires from full-time position with the PRC
College tuition waivers for Pennsylvania foster youth has passed the House Education Committee
Complications during birth may increase social anxiety by pre-teen years
Dawn Witherspoon featured in video from The Society for Research in Child Development
CSC welcomes Nancy English
CSC faculty affiliates Orfeu Buxton and Susan McHale's research findings in Penn State News
CSC welcomes Dr. Evin Aktar
CSC faculty affiliates Carol Miller and Krista Wilkinson part of research team to receive $1.25 million grant
CSC welcomes Jennifer Murray Connell
Joanne Arciuli, an expert in child development and psycholinguistics from the University of Sydney in Australia, to hold two public lectures
Dean Susan Welch announces plan to step down in 2018
Dawn Witherspoon a featured speaker at the 12th Annual De Jong Lecture in Social Demography
The CSC would like to offer sincere condolences to the family of Robert 'Bob' G. Faris
Congratulations to Richard Lippin on receiving a 2017 Alumni Fellow Award
Koraly Perez-Edgar and Kristin Buss head research resulting in more clues to the development of anxiety
CSC directors Doug Teti and Pamela Cole are lead authors on SRCD Policy Brief on parenting
Orfeu Buxton and colleagues' research recommends removing digital devices from bedrooms of children and teens
Jennifer Frank appointed to the National Academy of Sciences' Consensus Study on Fostering Healthy Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Development among Children and Youth
CSC faculty affiliate Steffany Fredman part of team researching new PTSD treatment for military personnel
Paul Morgan and colleagues confirm prior research results showing minority students are under-identified as disabled, and may not be receiving the help to which they are entitled
Research by Orfeu Buxton and colleagues found later school start times for teens increases the likelihood of getting recommended amount of sleep
Karen Bierman's REDI Program demonstrates long-term academic benefits
Faculty affiliates Gregory Fosco and Mark Feinberg publish research findings suggesting father rejection predicts increases in adolescents' social anxiety and loneliness
Faculty affiliate David Lee named head of the Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education
Lori Francis and her Healthy Bodies Project help guide Schreyer Honors Scholar's work
Penn State ranked 3rd in 2018 College and University Rankings for Federal Social and Behavioral Science R&D
Koraly Perez-Edgar and doctoral student Leigha MacNeill use EEG data to compare observable and unobservable infant development
Kristin Buss kicked off monthly series "Mechanisms of Mind" February 21st at the ADRI
Doug Teti's Project SIESTA reveals the importance of finding sleep arrangements that work for everyone
Sheri Berenbaum publishes research results on the effects of prenatal exposure to androgens on girls' development
Research by Kathleen Keller may help cut down on food waste in school
Samantha Tornello discusses "The Diverse Experiences of Gay Fathers" April 5th
Faculty affiliate Robert Roeser travels to India to take part in a panel discussion with the Dalai Lama
Faculty affiliate Dara Babinski's research determines correlation between parenting practices and school performance for children with ADHD
Faculty affiliate Laura Bray examines whether teachers incorporate IEPs into their teaching
Martha Wadsworth mentors Gina Brelsford in the Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute's Community-Engaged Research Core Faculty Fellowship Program
Research led by Cynthia Stifter shows how the temperament of babies can influence the way parents feed their children
Congratulations to Paul Morgan on receiving the Distinguished Research Award in Human Development from the American Educational Research Association
Thomas G. O'Connor, Ph.D., presented the Child Study Center 2017-2018 Lois Bloom Lecture
Jenae Neiderhiser and research team receive $3.3 million NIDA grant to study the role of genetics and environmental factors in the development of at-risk behaviors among adolescents
CSC welcomes Professor Yo Jackson!
Congratulations to Krista Wilkinson on receiving the 2018 Barash Award for Human Service
Gregory Fosco, Mark Feinberg, and researchers find relationship with positive family climate during adolescence and healthier less-violent romantic relationships as young adults
Congratulations to our many CSC faculty affiliates who received promotions in Spring 2018
Lynn Liben named Evan Pugh University Professor
Recently announced awards to CSC faculty
Paul Morgan and team to investigate whether young children with early vocabulary difficulties have later math and science difficulties
Research by Steffany Fredman and Amy Marshall correlates military-related PTSD and higher academic dysfunction
2018 Strumpf Scholar Award recipients announced
Karen Bierman's REDI program releases new findings
Susan McHale's research on sibling relationships and educational attainment in Penn State News
Faculty affiliates Kathleen Keller and Charles Geier release findings on childhood obesity research
CSC faculty affiliates use eye-tracking and fMRI tools to study adolescent brain regions involved in self-control
Krista Wilkinson's autism research suggests using photos as communication aids may still be useful
Research by Suzy Scherf and Giorgia Picci featured in Penn State News
Suzy Scherf's autism research receives NIH funding for a 5-year project utilizing game technology
CSC faculty affiliate Kristina Neely's research featured by Penn State News
CSC faculty affiliate Orfeu Buxton discusses the importance of sleep in Penn State News
Eye-tracking technology to be used by Koraly Perez-Edgar in anxiety research
Krista Wilkinson and doctoral student receive award at ISAAC conference
Jenae Neiderhiser one of three PIs on multi-institutional collaboration funded by the NIH
Koraly Perez-Edgar and Kristin Buss to begin multi-site project examining behavioral inhibition during the first two years of life
New York Times features Doug Teti's research
CSC welcomes Erika Lunkenheimer
Velma McBride Murry, Ph.D., presented the Child Study Center 2016-2017 Lois Bloom Lecture
Faculty affiliate Kathleen Keller's obesity research is first to use "brain-as-predictor" approach
Penn State News features new study by faculty affiliate Kathleen Keller
Recently published, Initiative Director Bo Cleveland featured by Penn State News
Hear Suzy Scherf on NPR's "All Things Considered"
Jenae Neiderhiser named Distinguished Professor
CSC faculty affiliate Jennie Noll elected president of the APA's Division 37 section on child maltreatment
CSC faculty affiliate Cristin Hall's research featured by Penn State News
Former Strumpf Scholar recipient Kristine Marceau named Association for Psychological Science 2016 Rising Star
Susan McHale will discuss sibling relationships at SCASD March 21, 2017
Lynn Liben appointed Editor of Monographs for SRCD
Suzy Scherf presents "Debunking Myths of the Brain"
Karen Bierman's REDI program featured by Penn State News
Faculty affiliate Jennie Noll's research in Penn State News
US News ranks Penn State #5 for developmental psychology graduate program
Koraly Perez-Edgar awarded 2017-2018 James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship
Faculty affiliate Greg Fosco and team develop AAC systems guide for children
Karen Bierman research findings released by PRC and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Jennie Noll on CBS News
Penn State holds reception at 2017 SRCD
Janet Rosenzweig to speak as part of HHD Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series and fifth annual Child Maltreatment Solutions Network Awareness event
Jennie Noll and other CSC faculty affiliates awarded $7.7 millioin NIH award to establish the Center for Healthy Children
Janet van Hell and colleague publish neurocognitive research results
Fourth Annual Central PA Workshop on Evidence-Based Mental Health Services
The TIES Summer Institute
Suzy Scherf's research shows no effect of biological sex on the part of the observer in facial recognition
Rick Gilmore discusses data sharing and study reproducibility in Penn State News
Diana Fishbein and Mark Feinberg to be honored by the Society for Prevention Research
Congratulations to our many CSC faculty affiliates who received promotions in Spring 2017
2017 Strumpf Scholar Award recipients announced
PROSPER program has lasting impact into early adulthood
Mark Greenberg discusses the need for social and emotional learning in schools
Karen Bierman and Mark Greenberg receive 2017 SPR Service Award
Suzy Scherf's research discussed in Penn State News
Sheri Berenbaum awarded 2017 Human Health and the Environment seed grant
Doug Teti receives $3 million grant from NIH for SIESTA research program
Congratulations to Paul Morgan for receiving the Harry and Marion Royer Eberly Faculty Fellowship in Education
Doctoral candidate Jonathan Reader and Doug Teti's coparenting research highlighted in Penn State News
Rick Gilmore kicks off new CyberScience Seminar Series