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A primary goal of the CSC is to facilitate the research efforts of our faculty affiliates and help them access the resources and attain the external funding they need to move to the next level with their research programs. The CSC actively supports faculty grant-writing via the initiatives, and currently supports a total of 57 grants, our highest number ever. We attribute this success primarily to the talents and hard work of the faculty investigative teams, along with the outstanding peer supports and senior mentoring provided by the initiatives and initiative leaders. In addition, the strong climate of support provided by the College of the Liberal Arts and resources provided by the Social Sciences Research Institute each contribute to the faculty team success.

The CSC also offers a Small Research Grants Program to provide research support for CSC faculty affiliates across the University. The purpose of the program is to support faculty research activities that will advance innovative and programmatic research of high scientific merit and contribute to faculty competitiveness for external funding in areas of the CSC mission and goals. A call for applications goes out each spring. You can view our most recent awardees here. For information on submitting a proposal or questions, please contact Laureen Teti (