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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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The CSC at Penn State is dedicated to promoting children’s development and well-being through the dynamic integration of research, teaching, and community engagement.

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The CSC seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice, maintaining a vibrant research agenda that expands understanding of typical and atypical developmental processes, and engaging in community partnerships that inform the translation of developmental science into effective programs and practices.

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Foster a productive and interdisciplinary community of scholars. Driven by a dedicated commitment to improving outcomes for children, particularly those most vulnerable, the CSC serves as a catalyst and liaison, fostering inter-disciplinary collaborations among faculty and students.


Support a multifaceted research portfolio, expanding knowledge of the developmental foundations of competence, risk, and resilience. Emphasizing the study of developmental processes at different levels (biological to societal) and across family, school, and cultural contexts, the CSC provides the infrastructure and resources needed to design and sustain a broad-based and innovative portfolio of externally-funded research.


Provide a rich training environment for graduate and undergraduate students. By fostering interdisciplinary training and providing opportunities for integrated research and outreach involvement, the CSC seeks to motivate, inspire, challenge, and prepare future professionals to be leaders, fostering cutting edge research and practice innovations in areas of education, child and adolescent development, and mental health.


Bridge the gap between research and practice, engaging in community partnerships that foster the translation of developmental science into practice. Building upon Penn State’s dedication to research-outreach integration, the CSC supports collaborations with families, schools, and communities throughout the state (and beyond), working together to find solutions to pressing problems and to promote practices that will reduce disparities and enhance healthy outcomes for all children.