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Invited Scholar Presentation by Dr. John Sabatini

Invited Scholar Presentation by Dr. John Sabatini

The Child Study Center
Training Interdisciplinary Education Scientists (TIES) Fellowship Program

Cordially invite you to an invited scholar presentation
“Innovations in the Design, Scoring, and Measurement of Reading Comprehension”

Dr. John Sabatini
Educational Testing Service

127 Moore Building
Monday, March 11th, 4:00pm


Recent developments such as the Common Core State Standards and the Race to the Top Initiative have underscored the need to develop new assessments of reading comprehension. This talk will present the progress made to date on a federal initiative called “Reading for Understanding,” which is designed to improve reading comprehension through intervention and assessment for students in preK-12 settings and an ETS research initiative called “CBAL (Cognitively-based Assessments as/of/for Learning)”. Under the Reading for Understanding framework, reading ability is measured with two interrelated assessments. The first is a component skills assessment that targets students’ relative strengths and weaknesses in foundational reading skills, such as decoding, word recognition, and reading fluency. The second assessment is called the Global, Integrated, Scenario-based Assessment, or GISA, that is designed to measure students’ ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information from multiple sources to achieve specific reading purposes. In CBAL, an integrated English Language Arts (ELA) cognitive competency model helps drive the design of summative and formative assessments, forging a link between assessment and instruction.