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Santiago Morales

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Santiago Morales

Santiago Morales is in his sixth year of the Developmental Psychology PhD program. He successfully defended his dissertation, “Anxiety and Attention Bias Towards Threat: a Developmental and Multi-method Approach,” in February 2017. After graduation, he will be heading to the University of Maryland to begin a postdoctoral position with Dr. Nathan Fox. His primary mentors are Dr. Kristin Buss, Dr. Koraly Perez-Edgar, Dr. Pamela Cole, and Dr. Nilam Ram.

To date, Santiago has had six first-authored publications, two second-authored publications, and two additional publications. In addition to writing, he works in three labs, has presented multiple posters, and attends and presents at conferences. Santiago’s research focuses on the development of emotion, emotion regulation, and temperament. He is particularly interested in the physiological and neurobiological methods used to study and characterize temperament and affect. He has also examined a second component of emotion regulation, namely, attention bias towards threat. In collaboration with Dr. Jose Soto, Santiago began a pilot study assessing attention bias towards threat using eye-tracking technology in undergraduates screened for high levels of anxiety. Santiago’s Master’s thesis examined how temperamental risk may potentially be moderated by emotion regulation. He received his B.A. summa cum laude in Neuroscience from Hiram College in 2011.

Santiago believes the Strumpf Scholar Award has provided him with time for further research, allowed him the ability to present his research findings at conferences, provided the support needed to write and submit manuscripts for publication, and helped to fund his pilot study, which served as the foundation for his dissertation research.