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Graduate Education at the Child Study Center

The Child Study Center (CSC) has a strong tradition of providing valuable research training for its graduate students. U.S. News & World Report ranked Penn State’s Developmental program #5 in the country. Graduate-level researchers at the CSC have access to a variety of research experiences including work with clinical populations, community-based research, and translational and intervention research. Many graduate students are involved in several research projects, broadening their exposure and experiences and providing them with opportunities to form ties with potential collaborators from many fields of research. Through grants and endowments, the Child Study Center is able to offer its graduate researchers support as they progress through their academic careers. The CSC provides funding for student travel and other expenses associated with attendance at conferences where they can present and receive feedback on their work and meet other researchers. Additionally, graduate students can receive support for expenses related to their individual dissertation research.


The CSC has multiple resources for its graduate students.

Graduate Student Spotlights

Sarah Karalunas

One unique opportunity I had was the chance to collaborate with Dr. Joel Nigg, Professor at Oregon Health and Science University and the CSC’s 2009 Lois Bloom lecturer. During his visit to present the lecture, Dr. Nigg met with Dr. Huang-Pollock and her graduate students. I received more than advice and feedback related to my dissertation project; Dr. Nigg offered me one of his own datasets to use to supplement my dissertation research.