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RiseUptown: A Comprehensive Community-Research Approach to Preventing Community Violence

RiseUptown: A Comprehensive Community-Research Approach to Preventing Community Violence

Martha Wadsworth
PI: Martha Wadsworth
PSU University Park
Jonathan Lee
PI: Jonathan Lee
PSU Harrisburg

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency #30635
Administered in: College of the Liberal Arts


The goal of this project is to reduce violence and improve safety within the middle school and in the UpTown neighborhood of Harrisburg, PA. The RiseUp multicomponent program combines school-embedded stress-and-trauma informed coping intervention (BaSICS) with a community-driven neighborhood crime and blight reduction initiative in which the youth are actively engaged. Study goals: (1) Identifying and eradicating crime hotspots and blight via improvements to the built environment, (2) addressing the need for transformative trauma-informed educational practices and preventive mental health services in the public schools, and (3) mobilizing community coalitions of parents and youth to work together on solutions for crime hotspots.

Additional Faculty:

Jarl Ahlkvist
Jarl Ahlkvist Sociology and Criminology University Park
Siyu Liu
Siyu Liu Criminal Justice Harrisburg

Additional Research Partners:

Jamien Harvey
YMCA Community Director
Veronica Kelly
Tri-County Community Action
Stu Stewart
Tri-County Community Action
Julie Walter Tri-County Community Action Harrisburg

Research Staff:

Tabatha Hahn
Tabatha Hahn Harrisburg
Mary Veneziano
Mary Veneziano
University Park

Graduate Students:

Bre Genaro
Bre Genaro
Chelsea Mayo
Chelsea Mayo Psychology
Brandon Patallo
Brandon Patallo Psychology
Holly Pham
Holly Pham Psychology
Adithi Rajagopalan
Esha Vaid
Esha Vaid Psychology

Undergraduate Students:

(Photos unavailable)
Kelly Aucremanne, Maria Marini, and Wenting Zhu