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Preventing Internalizing in Preadolescents Exposed to Chronic Stress (BaSICS)

Preventing Internalizing in Preadolescents Exposed to Chronic Stress (BaSICS)

Martha Wadsworth
PI: Martha Wadsworth

NIH R33MH107631
Administrative Supplement
Administered in: College of the Liberal Arts


Childhood adversity leads to premature diseases of aging, most forms of psychopathology, and early mortality. The biological toxicity of chronic stress is a critical conduit of this phenomenon. This new NIMH-funded R33 project will evaluate the psychological and biological outcomes of a new coping-identity-empowerment focused intervention program designed specifically to mitigate the health effects of exposure to chronic stress stemming from poverty, violence exposure, and discrimination. This project uses a randomized clinical trial with 150 economically disadvantaged preadolescents to: (1) test the malleability of the physiologic stress response systems (e.g., HPA) in response to the intervention; and (2) test the extent to which skill acquisition and changes in HPA functioning lead to improved trajectories of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress symptoms over time in youths randomized to the 16-session intervention.

Additional Faculty:

Jarl Ahlkvist
Jarl Ahlkvist Sociology and Criminology University Park
Gina Brelsford
Gina Brelsford Psychology Harrisburg
Lorah Dorn
Lorah Dorn Nursing and Pediatrics University Park
Mark Feinberg
Mark Feinberg Prevention Research Center University Park
Damon Jones
Damon Jones
Prevention Research Center
University Park

Research Staff:

Holly Figueroa Harrisburg
Tabatha Hahn
Tabatha Hahn Harrisburg
Melissa Mesones-Ortiz
Melissa Mesones-Ortiz Harrisburg
Allison Pequet
Allison Pequet University Park

Graduate Students:

Chelsea Mayo
Chelsea Mayo Psychology
Brandon Patallo
Brandon Patallo Psychology
Holly Pham
Holly Pham Psychology
Esha Vaid
Esha Vaid Psychology

Undergraduate Students:

(Photos unavailable)
Ezinne Enyosiobi and Jessica Crawley Taylor