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Headshot of Dawn Witherspoon
PI: Dawn Witherspoon
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PI: Mayra Bamaca-Colbert

National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) Innovation Grant
Administered in: College of the Liberal Arts


The Places/Lugares project, conducted in conjunction with the Latino Hispanic American Community Center (LHACC) in Harrisburg, is a study that examines how place (i.e., inside and outside of the residential neighborhood) and culture impact parental involvement (and other parenting behaviors) as well as shape the link between parenting practices and youth beliefs and behaviors among Latino families. All aspects of the project are provided in English or Spanish.

Additional Faculty:

Headshot of Stephen Matthews
Stephen Matthews Sociology and Criminology

Research Staff & Community Partners:

  • Maria Garay, Bilingual Staff
  • Melissa Mesones-Ortiz, Bilingual Staff
  • Adriana Milena Rios, Bilingual Staff

Graduate Students:

Headshot of Peter Kim
Peter Kim Human Development and Family Studies/Demography