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Fostering Productive Parent Engagement at School Entry

Fostering Productive Parent Engagement at School Entry

Karen Bierman
PI: Karen Bierman

IES R305A200436
Administered in: College of the Liberal Arts


The purpose of this study is to test the efficacy of the GoPals Kindergarten Club intervention. GoPals is designed to address the needs of economically disadvantaged students living in rural communities by engaging their families in guided home learning activities and fostering positive family-school involvement. Children from low-income families often enter school with less social-emotional and cognitive school readiness than their more advantaged peers, fueling a socioeconomic gap in school attainment that grows over time. Although public investment in prekindergarten programs is designed to reduce these early socioeconomic disparities, fewer than half of the children in rural areas attend prekindergarten.

Additional Faculty:

Cristin Hall
School Psychology
Damon E. Jones
Damon Jones Prevention Research Center
Janet Welsh
Janet Welsh
Prevention Research Center

Research Staff:

Sandra Stewart
Sandra Stewart
Project Director University Park
Linda Jacobson
Linda Jacobson Statistician University Park
Michele Kelly
Michele Kelly Data Manager University Park
Shari Keyser-Groff
Shari Keyser-Groff Research Coordinator York County
Lisa Knudson
Lisa Knudson Senior Research Assistant University Park
Brad Sizemore
Brad Sizemore Senior Research Assistant York County
Tracy Spalvins
Tracy Spalvins Research Coordinator University Park