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Kristin Buss

Kristin Buss

Professor of Psychology & Human Development and Family Studies
Past Director of PACT (2007 - 2019)
Social Science Research Institute Faculty
Associate Editor, Developmental Psychology
(814) 863-1715 / (814) 863-6485


Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies

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Dr. Kristin Buss is interested in emotional development and temperamental variation from birth through adolescence. Her work in her lab, The Emotion Development Lab, spans multiple areas of research within social development, psychobiology, and neuroscience. Her current work is focused on the development of risk for adjustment problems, with a particular focus on the development of social anxiety symptoms for children with fearful temperaments. This work has implications for identifying which fearful children are at risk for developing anxiety problems.  Kristin is also the Past Director of Parents And Children Together (PACT), and all of her projects include community engagement and data collection in the greater Harrisburg area.