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Training Interdisciplinary Educational Scientists (TIES) Program

IES R305B150033
IES R305B090007
Administered in: College of the Liberal Arts


The Training Educational Scientists (TIES) Program at Pennsylvania State University was initially funded by IES in 2009, and is designed to prepare education scientists to develop and evaluate programs, practices, and policies in three areas of focus:

  • Fostering school readiness,
  • Promoting social-emotional competence and self-regulation skills in children and youth, and
  • Promoting teachers who can effectively and positively manage classroom behavior and support students' learning.

The TIES program is led by Pennsylvania State faculty from the Colleges of Education, Liberal Arts, and Human Development and includes six graduate programs: educational psychology, school psychology, special education, developmental psychology, child-clinical psychology, and human development and family studies. TIES fellows are recruited from the participating Colleges and programs during the graduate admissions process or during their first or second year of their graduate programs. Over the course of the five-year grant, Pennsylvania State University will offer 17 doctoral students four year TIES fellowships.

PhD students in the TIES training program will participate in an interdisciplinary core curriculum consisting of coursework in the three TIES focus areas, program evaluation, assessment, research methodology, and statistics. Fellows will also participate in mentored research experiences with TIES faculty and policy/practice apprenticeships in which fellows work in schools or agencies that work with schools.

The TIES training program also includes an ongoing interdisciplinary proseminar in the education sciences, speaker series, and summer research institutes.

The total projected costs of the training program are $5 million. In addition to the approximately $4 million grant from the Institute of Education Sciences, Pennsylvania State University will be contributing approximately $1 million to cost-share fellows' stipends/tuition and faculty salary.

Additional Faculty

  • Kristin Buss, Developmental Psychology
  • Soo-Yong Byun, Educational Theory and Policy
  • Sy-Miin Chow, Human Dev. and Family Studies 
  • Pamela Cole, Child Clinical Psychology
  • Linda Collins, Human Dev. and Family Studies 
  • Jennie Frank, Special Education & School Psychology
  • Ed Fuller, Education 
  • Lisa Gatzke-Kopp, Human Dev. and Family Studies 
  • Cristin Hall, School Psychology 
  • David Lee, Special Education
  • Pui Wa Lei, Educational Psychology
  • Susan McHale, Human Dev. and Family Studies
  • Bonnie Meyer, Educational Psychology
  • Peter Molenaar, Human Dev. and Family Studies
  • Paul Morgan, Educational Psychology 
  • Jenae Neiderhiser, Developmental Psychology
  • Nilam Ram, Human Dev. and Family Studies
  • Rayne Sperling, Educational Psychology
  • Janet Welsh, Health and Human Development
  • Dawn Witherspoon, Psychology 

TIES Fellows