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Human Developmental Neuroscience

icon, head with connections over brainInitiative Director: Rick Gilmore

This initiative's goal is to foster a collaborative intellectual climate for cross-disciplinary research in human developmental neuroscience. It does so by building on existing Penn State faculty strengths in human development, prevention science, developmental and clinical psychology, genetics, and cognitive, computational, and behavioral neuroscience. The research interests of participating faculty are diverse, spanning perception, memory, movement, emotion, social interaction, language, attention, and school readiness.  The initiative focuses broadly on these substantive research topics, and facilitates the application of and access to imaging methodologies such as EEG, NIRS, and fMRI. Neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity are fundamental themes in this cross-disciplinary, neuroscience research.  Research projects catalyzed by this initiative include developmental studies that contribute to theoretical advances in understanding biological and behavioral development.

For more information about this research initiative, please contact Rick Gilmore.