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Faculty affiliate Laura Bray examines whether teachers incorporate IEPs into their teaching
Gone are the days when students with disabilities were placed in a separate classroom, or even in a completely different part of the school.
Martha Wadsworth mentors Gina Brelsford in the Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute's Community-Engaged Research Core Faculty Fellowship Program
Gina Brelsford’s daughter was born at 32 weeks in 2007 and was hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care (NICU) unit for five weeks. That experience inspired the associate professor of psychology at Penn State Harrisburg to study the role of religion and spirituality in coping by parents of children in the NICU.
Research led by Cynthia Stifter shows how the temperament of babies can influence the way parents feed their children
Offering a snack may be a sure way to soothe a fussy child, but researchers say making it a habit can result in unnecessary weight gain in babies with certain temperaments.
Congratulations to Paul Morgan on receiving the Distinguished Research Award in Human Development from the American Educational Research Association
Penn State researchers Paul Morgan, CEDR director and professor of education, and Marianne Hillemeier, professor of health policy and administration and demography, and their colleague George Farkas, professor of education at University of California Irvine, received the Distinguished Research Award in Human Development from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) for their study of science achievement gaps in children.
Thomas G. O'Connor, Ph.D., presented the Child Study Center 2017-2018 Lois Bloom Lecture
Jenae Neiderhiser and research team receive $3.3 million NIDA grant to study the role of genetics and environmental factors in the development of at-risk behaviors among adolescents
A five-year, $3.3 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) will allow scholars from Penn State and three other academic institutions to continue studying the role that both genetics and environment play in the development of early substance use among adopted children.
CSC welcomes Professor Yo Jackson!
We are delighted to welcome Yo Jackson as a new faculty affiliate here at the Child Study Center.
Congratulations to Krista Wilkinson on receiving the 2018 Barash Award for Human Service
Krista Wilkinson, professor of communication sciences and disorders in the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State, is the 2018 recipient of the Barash Award for Human Service.
Gregory Fosco, Mark Feinberg, and researchers find relationship with positive family climate during adolescence and healthier less-violent romantic relationships as young adults
Warm, nurturing parents may pass along strategies for building and maintaining positive relationships to their kids, setting them up for healthier, less-violent romantic relationships as young adults, according to researchers.
Congratulations to our many CSC faculty affiliates who received promotions in Spring 2018
Congratulations to the following CSC faculty affiliates!
Lynn Liben named Evan Pugh University Professor
Lynn Liben, McCourtney Professor of Child Studies, Professor of Psychology, Human Development, and Education, and Director, Cognitive and Social Development Lab, was named an Evan Pugh University Professor in May of 2018.
Recently announced awards to CSC faculty
Congratulations to Koraly Perez-Edgar and Dawn Witherspoon!
Paul Morgan and team to investigate whether young children with early vocabulary difficulties have later math and science difficulties
Young children with early vocabulary difficulties in turn often have difficulty with reading during the primary grades.
Research by Steffany Fredman and Amy Marshall correlates military-related PTSD and higher academic dysfunction
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by traumatic military experiences is associated with feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness and/or guilt. New Penn State research is evaluating how PTSD symptoms increase risks for academic difficulties as well.
2018 Strumpf Scholar Award recipients announced
The Strumpf Scholar Award, provided by the Linda Brodsky Strumpf Liberal Arts Centennial Graduate Endowment, recognizes outstanding achievement and promise in areas of research supported by the Child Study Center.
Karen Bierman's REDI program releases new findings
Karen Bierman's multi-phase REDI project has released new beneficial findings.
Susan McHale's research on sibling relationships and educational attainment in Penn State News
The effects of sibling relationships may go beyond childhood bickering and bonding, according to Penn State researchers who found that these relationships may predict similarities and differences in siblings’ education later in life.
Faculty affiliates Kathleen Keller and Charles Geier release findings on childhood obesity research
The reason why some people find it so hard to resist finishing an entire bag of chips or bowl of candy may lie with how their brain responds to food rewards, leaving them more vulnerable to overeating.
CSC faculty affiliates use eye-tracking and fMRI tools to study adolescent brain regions involved in self-control
Different parts of the brain mature at different times, which may help to explain impulsive behaviors in adolescence, suggest researchers from Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh.
Krista Wilkinson's autism research suggests using photos as communication aids may still be useful
While people with autism may avoid eye contact in one-on-one conversations, they may not avoid looking at people in photos, according to Penn State researchers.