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Research by Suzy Scherf and Giorgia Picci featured in Penn State News
Faces are as unique as fingerprints and can reveal a great deal of information about our health, personalities, age, and feelings. Penn State researchers recently discovered adolescents begin to view faces differently as they prepare for the transition to adulthood.
Suzy Scherf's autism research receives NIH funding for a 5-year project utilizing game technology
The eyes play a vital role in communication and are thought to influence social behavior. But for children diagnosed with autism, interpreting eye contact is one of the most difficult challenges in social communications.
CSC faculty affiliate Kristina Neely's research featured by Penn State News
Young adults diagnosed with ADHD may display subtle physiological signs that could lead to a more precise diagnosis, according to Penn State researchers. In a recent study, young adults with ADHD, when performing a continuous motor task, had more difficulty inhibiting a motor response compared to young adults who did not have ADHD. The participants with ADHD also produced more force during the task compared to participants without ADHD.
CSC faculty affiliate Orfeu Buxton discusses the importance of sleep in Penn State News
Sleeping well is often cited as a key method of improving one’s health and well-being. But when the challenges of life require more hours in the day than a person has available, sleep is often sacrificed.
Eye-tracking technology to be used by Koraly Perez-Edgar in anxiety research
Every child experiences anxiety and fear at one time or another, but some children seem to experience fear more frequently than others. As part of a new project being funded by the National Institutes of Health, Penn State researchers are looking into emerging evidence of a link between fearfulness and anxiety, or lingering apprehension, in young children.
Krista Wilkinson and doctoral student receive award at ISAAC conference
When designing tools for children with communication disorders, minor details matter significantly.
Jenae Neiderhiser one of three PIs on multi-institutional collaboration funded by the NIH
A child’s development can be affected by a number of factors, including biology and the environment. As part of a new, multi-institutional collaboration, Penn State researchers will focus on understanding the effects early environmental exposures have on children’s mental and physical health.
Koraly Perez-Edgar and Kristin Buss to begin multi-site project examining behavioral inhibition during the first two years of life
Infants who are overly shy and scared of new things may be at risk for developing anxiety later in life. Penn State researchers are looking to help by learning more about what these children are experiencing and why in a new project being funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.
New York Times features Doug Teti's research
When Dr. Teti, a professor of human development and family studies, embarked on an usual study of co-sleeping, bringing cameras into the bedrooms of 139 Pennsylvania couples, he did not expect to see co-sleeping associated with family stress.
CSC welcomes Erika Lunkenheimer
We are delighted to welcome Erika Lunkenheimer as a new faculty affiliate here at the Child Study Center!
Velma McBride Murry, Ph.D., presented the Child Study Center 2016-2017 Lois Bloom Lecture
Scaling up Evidence-Based Programs in Community Settings: Opportunities and Challenges
Faculty affiliate Kathleen Keller's obesity research is first to use "brain-as-predictor" approach
Viewing large portions of high-calorie food activates reward and sensory processing areas in children’s brains, according to a Penn State study.
Penn State News features new study by faculty affiliate Kathleen Keller
Childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in the last 30 years, with pre-adolescence emerging as a critical window for preventing excess weight gain
Recently published, Initiative Director Bo Cleveland featured by Penn State News
Getting enough quality sleep may be as important to one’s health as a good diet and exercise, but for people fighting addiction to painkillers, it can also lower their cravings, according to a Penn State study.
Hear Suzy Scherf on NPR's "All Things Considered"
A comparison of kid brains and grownup brains may explain why our ability to recognize faces keeps getting better until about age 30.
Jenae Neiderhiser named Distinguished Professor
Penn State's Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs has named 15 faculty members as distinguished professors.
CSC faculty affiliate Jennie Noll elected president of the APA's Division 37 section on child maltreatment
Jennie Noll, director of Penn State’s Child Maltreatment Solutions Network and professor of human development and family studies, was recently elected president of the American Psychological Association (APA)’s Division 37, the Section on Child Maltreatment.
CSC faculty affiliate Cristin Hall's research featured by Penn State News
With more than 110 million monthly users, Pinterest is in the top five of most-used social media sites.
Former Strumpf Scholar recipient Kristine Marceau named Association for Psychological Science 2016 Rising Star
The APS Rising Star designation is presented to outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their research careers post-PhD.
Susan McHale will discuss sibling relationships at SCASD March 21, 2017
Sibling relationships are special in many ways, yet sibling conflict is parents’ #1 childrearing concern and a chief cause of parent/child conflict. Through this program, you’ll learn more about the special nature of these relationships, how sibling relationships can affect child well being and family life, more generally, and how parents can help to foster more positive interactions between brothers and sisters.
Lynn Liben appointed Editor of Monographs for SRCD
The Governing Council and Publications Committee are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lynn S. Liben as Incoming Editor of Monographs.
Suzy Scherf presents "Debunking Myths of the Brain"
"Research Unplugged," a series of talks by Penn State faculty and staff who share their expertise on science, technology and culture with the community, will start March 16 with "College Student Mental Health Trends: Responding to a New Reality" by Ben Locke, senior director of the University's Counseling and Psychological Services.
Karen Bierman's REDI program featured by Penn State News
When children begin kindergarten, they are faced with a new set of demands and expectations ­— for both behavior and learning.
Faculty affiliate Jennie Noll's research in Penn State News
While it has long been known that maltreatment can affect a child’s psychological development, new Penn State research indicates that the stress of abuse can impact the physical growth and maturation of adolescents as well.
US News ranks Penn State #5 for developmental psychology graduate program
Developmental psychology students observe the broad span of human development, from infancy to old age. Key concepts include the nature versus nurture debate and identity formation.
Koraly Perez-Edgar awarded 2017-2018 James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship
Dr. Koraly Perez-Edgar has been awarded a James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship for the 2017-2018 academic year.
Faculty affiliate Greg Fosco and team develop AAC systems guide for children
Two Penn State graduate students, with the assistance of two faculty members, have developed a tutorial for speech-language pathologists designed to better include parents and other family members in communication interventions for children whose speech does not adequately meet their communication needs due to autism or other disorders.
Karen Bierman research findings released by PRC and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Kindergarten teachers report that of the 32 million children living in poverty or low-income homes in the United States, nearly half lack strong social-emotional skills and are not “ready to succeed in school,” according to the latest research brief released by the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center at Penn State and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Jennie Noll on CBS News
For countless victims, the experience of sexual abuse during the formative years of childhood never fades away.
Penn State holds reception at 2017 SRCD
Penn State held a reception at SRCD's Biennial Conference in Austin, Texas, April 6, 2017.