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Penn State's 19th Annual Symposium on Family Issues
In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the early origins of adult health. A growing body of evidence documents that maternal health before conception, prenatal and perinatal exposures, and conditions in childhood play critical roles in health over the life course. While the broad outlines are clear, scientific understanding of the multiple and interacting influences on child health and their role in later health continues to evolve rapidly. With attention to the role of the family in shaping the conditions of early life, this symposium will focus on children’s health and development. Health disparities are set in motion very early in life, and a theme of the conference is to further our understanding of the mechanisms through which such disparities emerge and are sustained across the lifespan.
Dr. Megan Gunnar presented the Child Study Center 2011 Lois Bloom lecture on November 10
Early Life Stress and Development: Studies of Children Adopted Internationally from Orphanages
CSC Welcomes Koraly Perez-Edgar to Penn State
The CSC welcomes Koraly Perez-Edgar to the Department of Psychology at Penn State! Koraly is the newest member of the Developmental Psychology faculty.
Doug Teti named SSRI/CYFC Associate Director
Please join us in congratulating Doug Teti on his selection as Social Sciences Research Institute’s new Associate Director.
2012 Strumpf Scholar Award Recipients Announced
We are happy to announce two Strumpf scholars for 2012: Meghan Scrimgeour, a Developmental Psychology graduate student, and Helen Tam, a Child Clinical Psychology graduate student.